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i like new things.

July 4, 2016
computer on table

As I sit here deciding what to write… contemplating the subject matter, what I should start with, how it should sound, I look down at my keyboard and realize that there is no sense in trying to figure all that out before I start typing. I have a new website. And like all new things, I find myself feeling refreshed, revitalized and excited for new beginnings. I’ve been typographically obsessed since I left the Cal Poly campus in 2009 yet somehow this year, this month, today – feels like a new beginning.

And while I can be constantly worried that I’m not coming off the right way, don’t say the right things and on and on and on, this new beginning is chucking that all out the door. I’m a confident, loving and abundant woman who is here to change the world, one pixel, one paper, one pie at a time.

Welcome to the new Paper Cake Creative.